An Elemental Fantasy: Vitaeoth, Conflux of the Twelve Elements

In the world of Vitaeoth, twelve elements make all things:

Air: the element of freedom, wanderlust, and independence

Earth: the element of patience, fortitude, and stoicism

Fire: the element of passion, warmth, and wrath

Lightning: the element of inspiration, instinct, and spontaneity

Metal: the ambition, zeal, and willpower

Water: the element of wisdom, adaptation, and grace

Wood: the element of community, survival, and growth

Light: the element of confidence, joy, and pride

Shadow: the element of humility, cunning, and quiet

Life: the element of beginnings

Death: the element of endings

Aether: the element of thought, experience, and purpose

These twelve elements are the world around us. They also reside within us, in our bodies and souls. We call upon their powers everyday in small ways, in every action and word.

While these twelve powers are part of a greater whole, and their conflux births new power, peoples, ideals, and relationships, they have not always accepted that they are different.

Only 100 years ago the worst war Vitaeoth had ever seen was ended. The Great Planar War came not just to the mortals, but to the many worlds of the spirits. The elements all clashed together, millennia of mortal hurt and immortal insult exploded across the planes. So cataclysmic was the fighting, so hungry for magical power were the forces in this fight, that the planar boundaries groaned with the strain of violence and magic. In some places they simply shook, in others they fractured, injuring the cosmos itself. Had the fighting gone on much longer, the planes may have torn themselves apart. There would be nothing to fight for.

The Arbiters saved us all. A group of mortals aligned with spirits called for peace, lest we all lose everything. The countless factions did not all relent at once, and many still fight on. But to the majority it was clear: if we can't live here together, we will cease to live at all.

There is some peace now, though many still leer at hated foes. New factions have arisen to keep the peace and destroy all the weapons of the Great Planar War. Where once the people coveted, they now share and communicate. Where once we hated, now we try to love.

We only hope we can keep our wounded worlds together long enough that they grow a little closer.

-Hanes Oldwar

Vitaeoth, Conflux of the Twelve Elements

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